El Toro strives to make you feel at home. That has been the goal since we began in Gainesville in 1990. Owners Patty and John Stockwell create a family style atmosphere and enjoy getting to know every customer.

Since relocating to Alachua in 2008, John says, “It’s been wonderful and it’s been a blessing.” El Toro is only a short drive from Gainesville and is located in the Rolling Oaks Plaza near Hitchcock’s Market. This makes it convenient for both local and not-so-local customers.

As an award winning restaurant, El Toro has the plaques to prove it. But no matter how many awards we receive, it’s the feedback we get from our customers that matters most. We do have to say, the salsa is pretty amazing. If you can’t come by our place and pick up a jar, you can order it online. Made fresh and delivered to your door.

Come on by and “Get Full at the Bull!”